Structural and Dynamic Changes in International Trade in Agricultural Products in Ukraine

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Yuriy Hubeni
Volodymyr Krupa
Nataliia Zelisko

The article is devoted to studying the structural and dynamic changes in international trade in agricultural products in Ukraine. The authors reveal the theoretical essence of international trade in agricultural products, considering export and import conditions in light of modern challenges. The assessment of the foreign trade regime is provided and the trends and impact of implementing the Agreement on Association between Ukraine and the EU on the development of Ukraine's foreign trade are established. It was found that, on one hand, the export orientation of raw materials to the EU crop production market has increased, while on the other hand, there remains a high import dependence on prepared food products, with a more diversified import structure. The peculiarities of key directions of Ukraine's agro-industrial market under martial law and its place in the global food security system are described. The article also examines the structure of Ukraine's trading partners, which have been revised since the beginning of the war. The peculiarities of cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in international trade in agricultural products are analysed. Ways of diversifying exports and increasing the profitability of foreign trade in agricultural products from Ukraine in the EU market are suggested.

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Hubeni, Y., Krupa, V., & Zelisko, N. (2024). Structural and Dynamic Changes in International Trade in Agricultural Products in Ukraine. Zeszyty Naukowe SGGW W Warszawie - Problemy Rolnictwa Światowego, 24(1), 35–46. (Original work published 7 marzec 2024)

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